Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Silver Award Book Review

Scarlet and Ivy: The Whispers in the Walls

Sophie Cleverly:
Sophie Cleverly was born in 1989 in Bath, Great Britain. As well as writing, she enjoys blogging, watching TV, and lots of reading! She studied for an MA in Writing for Young People and a BA in Creative Writing. Her books are published by HarperCollins and have been translated into four different languages.
Genre: Mystery
Recommendation: Girls age 9-12
A sneak peek….
The Whispers in the Walls, follows both Scarlet and Ivy as they uncover terrible truths and solve mysteries that will keep you awake all night. The twins have returned to their much hated boarding school only to discover that Miss Fox, their worst enemy, has been replaced by,  just as terrifying, Mr Bartholomew. Rookwood's new headmaster has a horrifying secret he’s desperate to keep hidden.
A must read!
This is a wonderful, gripping book that I thoroughly enjoyed. An absolute page turner. If you enjoy mystery novels and like the Friday Barnes series, then you’ll love Scarlet and Ivy: the Whispers in the Walls.

By Neave Bruin.

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