Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Silver Award Book Review

By Lily Weir

Written by: David Baddiel
Illustrated by: Jim Field
Main characters: Malcolm (the boy) and the animals.

About The Book
  • AniMalcom is such a great book, It is all about a boy                    called Malcolm that turns into all these different animals.

  • David Baddiel has written lots of other books, the ones  that look like AniMalcom are, the Person Controller and the  Parent Agency.

  • His parents love animals, but he hates them.

  • The bit that I liked about it, was that he turned into all these animals, but he hates animals.

  • The year that the book AniMalcom was published is
September 2016. The Person Controller was October 2015, and the Parent Agency was published October 2014.

              I would recommend this book to anybody that loves animals and is adventurous.    

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