Monday, 29 May 2017

Silver Award Book Review

One of the tasks for Student Librarians in the quest to earn their Silver Award is to write a book review for our blog. Celeste has chosen a series to review.

 Scarlet and Ivy series.

Author: Sophie Cleverly
Illustrator: Francesca Resta
Publisher: Harper Collins
  1. The lost twin.
The first book of Scarlet and Ivy is about how Ivy had to solve the mystery of where her sister disappeared to, she knew that her sister hadn’t died.

2. The Whispers in the wall.
The whispers in the wall is a mystery that is full of creativity it really got my heart pounding.

3.The dance in the dark.
You know the feeling of when your just about to go on stage, well imagine if you knew that your old principal was watching you. Would you feel happy or would you feel like something bad is going to happen?

4. The lights under the lake.
Everything's a mystery, broken arms and enemies. Will Scarlet and Ivy solve the mystery?

You will find these books in the teen section at the Timaru Library, and will find them in the Mystery section at the Barton Rural Library.(KIWI Centre)

The series of Scarlet and Ivy is well written, very mysterious and kept me on the edge of my seat. Sophie Cleverly is a great writer I hope she writes more books. I recommend these books to year 5 and up.

I rate these books a 10/10!

By Celeste Gleeson.


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