Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Gathering (Shadow House # 1) by Dan Poblocki

Do you love being spooked? "Shadow House" is a trilogy full of action, suspense, and straight up horror. In book one "The Gathering" we are introduced to the five main characters Poppy,Marcus,Azumi,Dylan and Dash. A great mishmash of  characters who are unique in their own special ways. For very different reasons they all end up at Larkspur Manor or better known as Shadow House. It is not long before they realise something within it's walls is wickedly wrong. Hallways move, doors vanish and children disappear.

Not for the faint hearted,  I would recommend "The Gathering" to students 10 years and up. Any one that enjoys "Goosebumps" should feel right at home with this book (although I would suggest reading it during the day) There is also an intriguing free app where readers can unlock further terrifying clues scattered throughout the book and choose-your-own-adventure stories online where you can try to survive the house! Take a trip inside if you dare....

Mrs Smith is about to read and explore the app with Room 6 as a shared novel. Can't wait to hear their opinion and maybe the occasional shrieks of terror.

Click Here to visit the ''Shadow House" page.

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