Saturday, 11 March 2017

Caught Reading

Jade was 'Caught Reading' at Lunchtime on Thursday. She was totally engrossed in the second book of the 'Scrap series written by Vince Ford.

Little Scrap has the 'eye' - it just comes natural to him. He doesn't know much else until Bill an old sheep dog takes him under his wing and teaches him about life. Stuff like - he's a dog not a human, electric fences hurt and where he came from. Once Scrap knows his mother most likely didn't abandon him he's desperate to find her.

In Book 2, Scrap goes to live with his new owner Johnny Mac and gets to know the new pack with Buster the new leader. Scrap can't wait to visit the farm where his mother lives but he's been told by Buster he cannot - if he doesn't get shot by the owner, Buster will fight him for disobeying orders. Scrap learns how to work as a team along with novice header dog Sam.

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