Friday, 3 March 2017

Book Reviews

As part of their practice for Kids' Lit I asked the team to write a book review for the book they had just finished reading. Check out Lucy, Halayna and Neave's reviews.

Middle School
          The worst years of my life

Author: James Patterson

Illustrator: Chris Tebbetts

Rating out of 10: 8

  ... Middle School on Vimeo
Middle School is about a boy called Rafe who is trying to survive his first year at Middle School.
Then he has a great idea when he gets given the school rule book.
He tries to break all the rules and gets into serious trouble.
Middle School is a hilarious book that everyone will love.

By Lucy Coupland

The Hunger Games !!!
Image result for the hunger games book cover
The hunger games is the first book in a series of four, you truly can't put it down. It's set in a country called Panem with 12 districts that surround the capitol. Each year the capitol likes to prove that they have more power over the districts by having an event called the Hunger Games. Two people from each district are put into a massive arena where the capitol controls all their surroundings, the contestants have to kill each other and only one will survive and that one will be engrossed in riches. The Hunger Games is a great book for everyone!!!
By Halayna Ladbrook

Scarlet and Ivy: The Whispers in the WallsScreenshot 2017-03-03 at 1.03.06 PM.png

Author: Sophie Cleverly

Genre: mystery

Recommendation: girls age 9-12

Rating out of 10: I’m going to give this a 9/10, because although it is a great book, I think the author could’ve written more  from Ivy’s perspective.

The Whispers in the Walls, follows both Scarlet and Ivy as they uncover terrible truths and solve mysteries that will keep you awake all night. The twins have returned to their much hated boarding school only to discover that Miss Fox, their worst enemy, has been replaced by,  just as terrifying, Mr Bartholomew. Rookwoods’ new headmaster has a horrifying secret he’s desperate to keep hidden.

This is a wonderful, gripping book that I thoroughly enjoyed. An absolute page turner. If you enjoy mystery novels and like the Friday Barnes series, then you’ll love Scarlet and Ivy: the Whispers in the Walls.

By Neave Bruin.

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