Sunday, 19 February 2017

New Senior Fiction

Finn has survived alone since a deadly virus and the aftermath killed his parents and most of his community. With only his dog Rowdy for company he has survived two winters by hunting and fishing. Finn has also had to stay hidden from Ramage and his gang the Wilders. One day he comes across Rose who has managed to escape from the Wilders. Rose needs Finn to help her rescue her younger sister Kas who is still enslaved by the Wilders.

A great action-packed story of survival. Written by Australian author Mark Smith it is the first in what I am sure will be a very popular series. If you enjoyed Hatchet or John Marsden's Tomorrow series you are going to LOVE this book.

Fliss is an escaped slave who lives in a severed land which is divided by an invisible wall. While soldiers are trying once again to break through the wall Fliss saves a drummer boy Kirt. They are sent on a special mission back through the wall to rescue the Nightingale. During their mission they encounter thieves, slave masters, beggars, dippers, spies and many more foe. Who is the Nightingale? Will Fliss and Kirt learn to trust each other? Will they make it back through the wall alive?

A gripping fantasy adventure which is hard to put down. I loved Fliss she is a gutsy, brave heroine. Written by New Zealand author Maurice Gee this book is begging to be read.

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