Thursday, 9 June 2016

Room 5 Reading Site

Mr Inkster has been working hard this year to promote a strong reading culture in Room 5. He has created a Reading Site where Room 5 students post book reviews. This is a great way to engage students to read for pleasure as it is a known fact that students, especially reluctant readers look to their peers for book suggestions. Well done Mr Inkster for this great initiative and for allowing me to share some of the reviews.

The great escape

This book is about war Lucy and Robbert have to move away from London leaving their pets behind Rose [dog] takes charge of the trio together Buster [dog] and tiger [cat] make  their way through many challenges to find their beloved owners. 

I would rate this story 8\10 it flows and makes you laugh but more describing words could be added.

By Jade Robinson

I am reading diary of a wimpy kid dog days.
Greg,Rodrick,Manny,his mum and dad went for a swim because its summer.Greg gets into the little kids pool and he seas kids peeing in he rushes out of the pool and sunbathes on the seat.Next he gets upon the diving board and he jumps....his pants rip in halve and he falls in the pool naked and Hollie hills talks to him with embarrassment Greg gets out of the pool with pink nickers on.Now they all go home and Rowley comes over to play and they annoy Rodrick. Now it is there first day at school and Greg finds some rotten cheese on the ground he goes to touch it but Hollie warns him that he almost got the cheese touch.Now Greg and Rodrick go to a dance party and Greg goes skating,And Rodrick plays the music.Greg asked Hollie if she wants to dance..she says no sorry iv already got a partner.After the dance Greg goes home and says that was the worst dance iv ever been to.

By Tom Geary

Star of Deltora:Two Moons
By Emily Rodda

Two Moons is  the second book in the Star of Deltora series and is an amazing story of a young girl called Britta, who embarks on her much wanted journey across the sea  to win the Roslyn apprenticeship, and become a trader. She is aboard a magnificent ship called 'The Star of Deltora', and although she misses the comforts of her family, Britta is glad to be tackling this challenge.   All seems well, but Britta needs to hide who her father is, because it will bring failure to her quest, so when she gets lost on the mysterious island of Two Moons, she is worried about  herself ever making it back to the ship on time without anyone knowing about her secret.

As you can see this is a must read, but I would only recommend it for girls over 8, because younger readers will find it more difficult to follow through the storyline. If you asked me to rate this book, I would give it a 9 out of 10, as the author has put an amazing effort into creating this story and worked incredibly hard on describing the characters.  

By Neave Bruin

Diary of a wimpy kid 
Old School 

Was life better in the old day or is it better today that is the question that Greg Heffley is asking every one. His life turns bad when his school goes on a trip to a camp in a place called hardscrabble farms for an entire week no cell phones and lollies for Greg it is a week long guilt trip. He gets into a lot of trouble along the way trying to sell lemonade but then one kid a few houses down from him will Greg live or suffer. I recommend this book to boys and girls who like to read a diary. I rate this book 8/10 it had its ups and downs but i think it is a good book. 

By Ethan Marshall    

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