Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Wednesday Craft

Time flies when you're having fun! We ran out of time today to complete our last 'Pet Day' craft these cheeky bobble head bunnies so will have a finish up session tomorrow. Thank you so much Andra and Kaitlyn for helping us today, especially with the tidy up.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Wednesday Craft/Caught Reading

Apparently people keep spiders as pets, not my cup of tea but each to their own. Today for our Pet Day/Halloween craft we made these darling 3d paper spiders. Not very spooky but lots of fun to make. Thank you Andra, Sophie S and Sophie O for helping us today.

Murdoch was 'Caught Reading' at Lunchtime yesterday, he can often be found in the KC cuddled up enjoing a good book or two.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Wednesday Craft

Continuing with our 'Pet Day' theme today we made super cute paper dog hand puppets.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wednesday Craft and more

We have had a fun start to Term 4 in the KC. Today for craft we made these adorable paper cats in the first of our 'Pet Day' themed crafts.

Today Ivy was 'Caught Reading' she spent a good part of Lunchtime enjoying her book. I love how passionate and diverse your reading has become this year Ivy. Lovely to have another reader join the many other Barton Book Worms.

A HUGE thank you to the Driver family who have donated these fab book shelves to help house our wonderful collection of books.

Last Term Andra became our first Student Librarian to pass the Gold Award for 2018. I bent the rules for Andra as historically only Year 8's could try for this award to help motivate Students to remain Librarians until they leave Barton. Andra is leaving at the end of the year to finish her schooling at Craighead. She has been an amazing member of our KC Team who is always looking to help and do that little bit extra. I love the way she relates and helps our younger students and is a wonderful role model for them.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday Craft

Today we experimented with different shading and textures to make these cheeky emu pictures. I always love how students put their own stamp on our crafts and today was no different. As well as emus we had a few turkeys and Emmie created a Barton HEART bird so cute.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Wednesday Craft

Last week we coloured these cute scarecrows which we displayed on the KC windows for the fair on Sunday.

Today we used water paint to make these cute Jellyfish.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Wednesday Craft and more

Wow what a busy time we have had in the KC over the past few weeks. Hazel was 'Caught Reading' Angelina Ballerina to Pukapuka and Penny.

We held a competition to see who could guess how many books we have in the KC.Well done to Bayley who guessed 4517, our current collection total is 4479. Bayley was super excited to receive the latest book from our visisting author from last term, James Russel as his prize. A BIG thanks to Ruby G for helping organise this competition.

This term Student Librarians have been busy working towards their badges. A number of bronze badges have been passed and a number of Silver badges are currently being worked towards. One of the tasks for silver is to write a book review, below is the latest from Iris.

The World's Worst Children 2
                       By David Walliams

The World's worst Children 2 is funny cool and it certainly makes people laugh. It is one of my favorite books and it could be yours!
It has 10 different funny stories, and all the children have really bad attitudes.

If you are a boy and the age 5-7, you will love this book even more than girls. It is full of farts and burps and is really funny.

One of the children in the story is Humbert, a really big baby that eat everything! Once he ate all the food in the house, and then went outside and started to eat a car, a house, and then a skyscraper, the list could go on forever!

By Iris Richmond

We have missed Wednesday Craft for the last few weeks because of teachers strike and ski/skate day so it was great to have a good turnout today to make special treats for Fathers Day.  We made cute Flying Super hero fathers and iceblock cards. Thank you Annabelle and Sophie O for helping us today.